SAF Series

Discontinued Products

The advanced SAF Series Airflow Switch provides early detection and protection from overheating in mainframe computers and peripherals, large power supplies; HVAC applications, medical diagnostic equipment, and other complex electronic systems requiring forced air cooling.

Its design is based on a heated thermistor which monitors the airstream and detects loss of reduction of airflow due to fan failure, clogged screens or filters and obstruction of air inlets/outlets. The thermistor temperature and, therefore, its resistance is affected by changes in air velocity. The SAF thermistor is part of a sensing bridge which compares its own resistance against a reference circuit and determines the air velocity at which the device must trigger the output.

  • A solid-state airflow sensor switch with improved features.
  • Drives logic circuits, audible/light alarms, magnetic relays
  • Exclusive dust-proof & sealed versions
  • Easy, versatile mounting, to PCB, plug-in socket, or hard wired
  • Wide setting range - 50 to 1500 linear feet per minute (FPM)
  • Not affected by ambient temperatures
  • 5VDC design with low power dissipation
  • No signal conditioning required