Electromechanical Flow Sensors

Electromechanical Flow Sensors - Discontinued

Warren G-V is a premier supplier of Airflow Sensors and temperature sensors as well as high performance relays.
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Hermetically Sealed Timing Relays

Hermetically Sealed Timing Relays - Discontinued

A complete family of thermal time delay relays for environmentally demanding applications where shock and vibration requirements must be met.
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Temperature Switches

Temperature Switches - Discontinued

These thermostats are rugged in design, hermetically sealed and provide open-on-rise or close-on-rise factory settings between -25°C and +150°C for applications both on surface temperature sensing
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Solid State Flow Sensors

Solid State Flow Sensors - Discontinued

Designed to monitor for positive presence of cooling airflow, this velocity sensor operates on 5V DC. The sensor can be mounted on a board, in a socket, or hard-wired to a bracket.
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