Warren G-V is a premier supplier of Airflow Sensors and temperature sensors as well as high performance relays. The Warren G-V range of products consist of solid state Airflow Sensors which are designed to monitor for positive presence of cooling airflow and comprise of a SAF Airflow Sensor which provides early detection and protection from overheating in mainframe computers and large power supplies. The DLS Series Airflow Sensor monitors both temperature and air velocity in a forced air cooling system.

Electromechanical Flow Sensors withstand normal shock and vibration requirements associated with military applications. The LS series Airflow Sensors are cooling effect monitors that provide a positive indication of the presence of airflow.

In addition to Airflow Sensors, Warren G-V offers a range of hermetically sealed timing relays for environmental demanding applications where shock and vibration requirements must be met.

The Warren GV Airflow Sensors range also includes a range of temperature switches which are suited for applications requiring small precise but rugged devices and thermal switches suited to control or monitor temperature in either air or liquid mediums.

These rugged thermal mechanical air velocity sensors withstand normal shock and vibration requirements associated with military applications and can operate at -55°C if continuously energized. Both series of sensors are available in many input voltages ranging from 115V AC or DC.